Solidarity, Not Charity!

Welcome to the Four Corners Mutual Aid Network

Mutual Aid Hotline: 970-343-4687
Línea de Ayuda Mutua: 970-343-4687 (se habla español)

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In times like these, our relationships with our neighbors and community members are more important than ever. To this end, a grassroots mutual aid project has been organized in the Four Corners area to facilitate people helping people. This mutual aid initiative is separate from all non-profits and official entities: an opportunity for our community to connect in a new way and support each other directly during COVID-19. 

This endeavor recognizes that everyone has something they need, and everyone has something to offer. By supporting one another, we will make it through this crisis. COVID-19 has shown us that the systems in place are inadequate for healthy individual, social, and ecological functioning. We hope that through this effort we can build and maintain relationships that are stronger than these systems.

If you are in need of something, and/or you can meet someone else’s need, please fill out the mutual aid form below:

Mutual Aid Form / Formulario de Ayuda Mutua

For assistance or to make a request more privately, email or call 970-343-4687

If you would like to donate to the general Four Corners Mutual Aid Network fund that will be used to meet people’s unmet financial needs, please do so by clicking the button below: 

Donate via Paypal!
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